Congratulations! You’ve just crossed the finish line of a half marathon, and now it’s time to treat your body with some well-deserved care and attention. 
Post-race recovery is as crucial as the race itself, ensuring you not only bounce back but also set the stage for your next run. Whether you're a seasoned runner or a total newbie, these recovery tips will have you feeling rejuvenated and ready to go again in no time. 

Immediate post-race care 

So, you’ve conquered those miles! What's next? 
Keep those legs moving, we know, we know — the last thing you want to do is more exercise but trust us on this one. Walking around aids in blood circulation, preventing those dreaded stiffness and cramps from taking over. 
Don't forget to give those tired muscles some love by stretching them out. 
Hydration is key! Grab some water, coconut water, or a sports drink. Oh, and a post-race beer is fine, just don’t turn it into a marathon of its own! 
Make sure you refuel! Your body will be pretty depleted after a race so make sure you reach for a tasty snack within 15 minutes of finishing. We recommend opting for something nutritious like a banana rather than grabbing a chocolate bar. 

Post race: On the same day 

Your bodies in recovery mode now, so it’s time to assist it further. 
Refuel with small, protein and carb-rich meals. Bagels with eggs, salmon, and avocado is our go-to option. 
Treat yourself to a soak in a warm (not scalding) bath with Epsom salts — your muscles will thank you. Rest those legs by literally elevate them too. 
Keep chugging that water or sports drink, and pay attention to the colour of your pee, seriously, it's an indicator of your hydration level. 
Lastly, embrace sleep; your body craves it, and you certainly deserved it. 
Compression wear? Your call! Some find it helpful for recovery. 

The following days 

Your body might still be feeling the aftermath, so keep hydrating. It's your secret weapon against post-race stiffness and toxins. Keep fuelling up with good food too as that’ll get your body feeling back in tip top condition. 
Now is the time to give those muscles some TLC too. Foam rolling is your friend; target those tight spots like calves, quads, or hamstrings. And speaking of TLC, now is a good time to book a sports massage! Research suggests it aids recovery, just remember to hydrate well post-massage or rolling. 
When you're ready, indulge in a gentle jog or walk. It'll get the blood flowing without pushing your body too hard. 

The following week 

Welcome to the recovery week! This is where you can slowly reintroduce running, only if your muscles permit. You may want to mix it up and try some cross-training, swimming, yoga, Pilates, or anything that works different muscles as it will help strengthen your body overall. 
The key thing this week is to listen to your body; if it says rest, you rest! Avoid rushing back into intense workouts as they could do more harm than good. 
Need some extra help recovering from a half marathon and think you could benefit from a massage? Contact our friendly team today, we’d love to help you! 
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