fire & earth Leamington Spa Strength and Conditioning 

fire & earth Leamington Spa Strength and Conditioning 

What is Strength and Conditioning? 

At its simplest form, Strength and Conditioning is the practical application of sports science to enhance movement quality.  
It is grounded in evidence-based research and physiology of exercise and anatomy.  
We all move and therefore we can all benefit from a better quality of movement. Strength and conditioning is not a hardcore form of exercises only for athletes, nor is it a particular Olympic lift, prowler push or hill sprint drill. Whilst we might associate these moves with strength and conditioning, they’re tools that aid good strength and conditioning. 
With our S&C sessions, we continually assess and focus on your movement quality to improve performance, this can be in any given sport focusing on speed, strength and power, or equally, it could be improving performance in real-life scenarios, such as standing up with ease for those clients who require it.  
The biggest focus is on preventing injury! Developing better movement patterns helps to prevent injury, which can help accelerate their recovery and performance. 
Strength and conditioning is a great way to transform your body and get huge results, whether you’re an athlete or amateur, expert or just starting out. It encompasses so much more than just lifting weights and focuses on a variety of tools to improve movement, health and physical performance. 

 When is Strength and Conditioning used?  

At Fire and Earth Sports Massage in Leamington, there are two scenarios where our Strength and Conditioning sessions are recomended: 
You are recovering from injury and you and our therapist have decided that involving Strength and Conditioning sessions into your rehab program will improve your rehabilitation.  
You are looking to become more focused on what and how you’re training and have focused targets in mind. 
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