More and more of us are suffering from non-specific neck or back pain brought on by less than ideal practices in the workplace. These conditions can cause immense frustration, leading to a lack of concentration, reduced output, and time off work. Does that sound familiar? 
In many instances, GPs will only suggest painkillers and rest; which whilst this may provide some short-term relief, it doesn’t address the core of the problem. With numbers reaching close to 30% of adults aged 30 to 65 experiencing these problems, there has to be a better solution, right? 
Today, we’re going to be looking at how massage and exercise therapy could be the magic answer you’ve been searching for. 

Why are so many of us suffering? 

Before we jump into all of the healing properties of massage, let's take a closer look at exactly why so many of us are suffering with postural issues. 
A lot of these annoying issues pop up because we spend so much time in front of screens and stay put for long stretches of time. On top of that, we often don't get enough exercise outside of work. Our bodies are built to move, but many jobs keep us in the same spot for hours. This mismatch can cause muscle imbalances, tension, and, which eventually leads to pain. 

The sedentary work lifestyle 

Sitting at a desk all day can lead to poor posture, which places strain on your neck and back. Slouching, leaning forward, and not having proper ergonomic setups are common culprits. Over time, these habits can cause muscles to tighten and weaken, resulting in pain and discomfort. 

Repetitive tasks 

On the other hand, jobs that require standing and repetitive motions, such as assembly line work or retail, can also lead to problems. Constantly engaging the same muscles without enough or proper breaks or variation in movement can cause overuse injuries. 

The lack of exercise 

Another issue is that many of us don’t get enough exercise in our day-to-day lives. While just moving around is great, it’s really important to do the right exercises to stretch and work the muscles that get tight or stressed during the day. Regular exercise doesn’t just boost your overall health—it also strengthens the muscles that support your spine and neck, making them better at handling everyday strains. 

Massage therapy to the rescue 

The good news is that there are effective ways to manage and even prevent these issues. According to the Massage Association, research into workers who spent the majority of their day sitting down or standing showed that they benefitted immensely from massage therapy. A regular sports or deep tissue massage, along with exercise therapy, can help cure and importantly, prevent the return of these frustrating problems. 

Benefits of regular massage 

Participants who had regular massages and followed professional advice experienced several benefits, including: 
Reduced levels of neck and back tension: Massage helps to release muscle knots and tension, providing immediate relief and promoting relaxation. 
Increased alertness and concentration: By reducing pain and discomfort, individuals find it easier to focus on their tasks without the constant distraction of nagging pain. 
Reduced levels of stress: The physical relief provided by massage also contributes to lower stress levels, enhancing overall well-being. 
Increased performance levels: With less pain and more energy, productivity and performance at work naturally improve. 

Finding the right solution for you 

If you are suffering from a work-related condition such as neck and shoulder pain, tennis elbow, or regular headaches, you don't have to put up with it. The solution is simpler than you might think. Booking a session with one of our expert therapists can set you on the path to recovery. 
Here's how you can get started: 
Book a consultation: Your journey to pain relief starts with understanding your specific needs. Our friendly therapists will assess your condition and recommend a personalised treatment plan. 
Regular massage therapy: Commit to regular massage sessions tailored to your problem areas. This consistency is key to long-term relief and prevention. 
Incorporate exercise: Alongside massage, integrating specific exercises that target your neck and back muscles can help build strength and flexibility. These exercises are designed to complement the massage therapy, ensuring a holistic approach to your well-being. 
Ergonomic adjustments: Making small changes to your workspace can have a huge impact. Simple adjustments like using an ergonomic chair, adjusting your monitor height, and taking regular breaks to move around can prevent strain. 

Final thoughts 

No one should have to just put up with the discomfort and frustration of chronic neck and back pain, especially when effective solutions are within reach. By taking proactive steps such as regular massage therapy and exercise, you can help to reduce your current pain and prevent future issues; a double win! 
Don't wait for the pain to worsen or become a chronic issue. Book yourself in with one of our expert therapists, and let us guide you on the best treatments for your needs! 
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