Why not treat yourself or your family and friends to a Full Body Massage from Fire & Earth Sports Massage? This massage focuses on completely relaxing you using slow, smooth flowing strokes that releases tension in your body. 

The benefits of relaxing your muscles 

During your massage the tension in your muscles, especially in areas like your neck, shoulders and back, is released. This natural relaxation helps to: 
Improve blood circulation 
Lower your blood pressure 
Relieve overall muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness 
Relieve tension headaches 
Boost your immune system 
Improve your skin condition and muscle tone 

The benefits to your mind 

The benefits of relaxing your muscles won’t just stop with the effects to your body, you will also find having a regular full body massage has major psychological benefits including: 
Reducing the effects of stress 
Improving your sleep patterns 
Promoting positive body awareness 
Reducing the effects of anxiety and depression 
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